May 13th Reinstall issues in Singapore.

Currently having a reinstall issue in Singapore. Every time someone tries to reinstall a server in Singapore using the WHMCS integration, the template system gets corrupted. I'm working with Virtualizor to solve this issue as soon as possible. If you need to reinstall your server, please do so from the Virtualizor panel, link can be found on ... Read More »

May 6th [RESOLVED] - SG01 - Outage

While troubleshooting the node went unresponsive and didn't come back.

Updates as I have them.


[11:23 CET]

Issue resolved.

Oct 15th DE01 - Outage - [RESOLVED]

Monitoring shows an outage in Germany.

Waiting for KVM to investigate.

Network negotiating problem, the server could not communicate with the switch it is connected to.

Sep 11th Norway - DC upgrade

Hello!  A quick announcement; The DC in Norway is getting a big upgrade, among other things, the switch will be upgraded from a shared 1-2 Gbit/s switch to a 10Gbit/s switch.Redundant power (including a UPS connected to the server) and cooling.  This means that I need to shut down the server for a couple of minutes so it can be moved. There ... Read More »

Jul 10th rDNS for IPv6 in Norway

Norway is the first location where you can set your own rDNS for IPv6 !

In the control panel, find the "Reverse DNS" icon and click on it to edit your rDNS entries.


Jul 10th DE01 - Outage

Working on a hardware error on the DE01 server. I am aware of the issue and working hard to resolve it asap.Updates as I have them.Sorry for the problems caused.[UPDATE 07:000 CET] Trying to boot the server, there is a risk that I need to take it down again depending on the damage done.[UPDATE 09:35 CET]The server has been up and running for an ... Read More »

Jun 28th Kansas City, USA - Not responding [RESOLVED]

[2018-06-28 22:51 CET] - Investigating issue in Kansas City.Updates will follow.[UPDATE 23:18 CET]  - DC reports back that the whole rack is having problems, no ETA at this moment. More updates as I get information.[UPDATE 09:03 CET] At 06:15 CET the server began responding to ping again and all conatainers should be booting up again.DC ... Read More »

Jun 14th Reims, France - IPv4 Nullrouted [RESOLVED]

I was notified that there was a heavy UDP attack on the IPv4 and it as null routed while this is ongoing. Updates as I know more about the situation.[UPDATES] * External IPv4 has been changed according to the email sent out. * Control Panel is now working* Updated NAT Rules are appliedTests of the system are ongoing.Everything should be up and ... Read More »

Jun 12th US01 (Kansas City) - Outage [RESOLVED]

This morning we experienced an outage on the Kansas City location
DC reported a major network outage that affected parts of the DC. When the network was restored the server was still offline.

DC tech issued a reboot of the server and everything is now back online.

Jun 11th Unplanned reboot of Virt-de01

at 09:00 CET, a reboot was made on Virt-DE01 as it was stuck, swapping like mad.

As a resolution to this problem, more RAM has been added to the machine. Everything is booting up and your VPS should soon be available again.

Sorry for the inconvenience.