May 10th [RESOLVED] - IPv6 issues in Sydney

As of yesterday (May 9th, 2018), IPv6 is partial down to the Sydney location. Partial meaning it is unreachable from certain parts of the world, depending on which way it routes. We are working on it but have no ETA at this moment as this turned out to be a bigger issue, affecting more equipment on site.I'll keep this updated when I have more ... Read More »

May 4th US03 (Lenoir,NC) - nullrouted - [RESOLVED]

I've sent a ticket to the datacenter in Lenoir, asking if one of the IPs are nullrouted since it has been inaccessible since 12:28 CET.

Updates will follow

[13:25 CET] - IP is reachable again, still waiting for a reply from the DC.

Mar 13th US01 (Kansas City) - Outage [RESOLVED]

[01:30 CET] Currently waiting for a KVM to investigate the outage in Kansas.   
[01:50 CET UPDATE] - Network related, service should now be restored.

Mar 11th DE01 - Outage [RESOLVED]

An outage was reported by the monitoring system at 09.26 CET. 

Investigation started at 09.30 CET. 
A KVM was requested and I am currently waiting for it to be connected. 

Updates will be posted at the lowendspirit forum.

Feb 21st 6th Location added - France

Today we celebrate by adding our 6th location!

Welcome, Ikoula to the #lowendspirit family!

Let's make this day special and order our 6location bundle deal!!
128mn @ ($15/y)
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Feb 16th NL-CP1 outage [RESOLVED]

Reports says that the cPanel (shared hosting) server in NL is having a hardware issue.   
Investigation issues right now.

Jan 24th NAT services in Norway - downtime [RESOLVED]

[10:23 CET] The DC is currently unreachable.Trying to get in contact with the team onsite to get some answers to the situation.[UPDATE 11:25 CET] Services are restored, waiting for an RFORFO from DC--------------------------------------- Issues with core router 2 hours ago We're experiencing a few issues with our core routers causing BGP ... Read More »

Jan 2nd US-NC ipv4 null routed. [RESOLVED]

The ipv4 in Lenoir, North Carolina has been nullrouted due to an attack.
It will be available again when the attack has stopped. 
info will be posted here : 
[Update 02:54 CET] - back up again

Dec 13th NAT services in Norway - recent downtime [ONGOING]

Due to recent problems with the Norway server, it was declared dead at 03:35 CET today and a ticket for replacement hardware was opened. Current status: Waiting for DC to replace hardware. Steps that will happen thereafter is to reinstall and recreate containers for all users.Only ETA at this time is "within 24-48 hours". Working as fast as ... Read More »

Dec 6th NAT services in Norway - downtime [RESOLVED]

On 6 Dec at 03:06:31 CET
Virt-NO01 failed to respond to ping.   
On 6 Dec 06:33:24 CET 
Virt-NO01 responds to ping again, servers booting up.   
Investigating why, monitoring shows a sudden increase of disk activity and high load.