[UPDATE Feb 05 2022]

As a side-effect to the packet loss and the node going offline temporarily, some actions are currently unavailable.

For instance, you can not reinstall the OS as the Master and node don't communicate very well. 

The issue has been brought to Virtualizors attention and we are working on getting it resolved as soon as possible.

[UPDATE Feb 04 2022]

Some work is done by the data center which has caused the node to go offline. 

I'm talking to them to solve this situation as soon as possible.


[Initial Post]

Status update on the Mumbai Node. 

We are experiencing routing issues with the Mumbai node, depending on destination, there could be up to 95% packet loss along the way.

This affects among other things, the communication between the Virtualizor master and the Mumbai node.

If you try to reinstall your server or do any other management tasks and this fails multiple times, feel free to open a ticket with a request on the needed tasks to be done.

Sorry for the inconvenience.



Thursday, February 3, 2022

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