Good morning, 
Last few days the server has been attacked and this morning I was notified that the server mounted the filesystem as read-only. 
Working on a solution as fast as possible. Updates to follow.

[UPDATE #1] 25th March 2015 10:19 CET 
Filesystem is being checked. Errors found that needs to be corrected. More updates to come.

[UPDATE #2] 25th March 2015 11:09 CET
Work is still in progress, first impression is worse then I hoped for. Expect disturbance in service while working on this.

[UPDATE #3] 25th March 2015 11:39 CET
Services are slowly getting better, currently only exim (mailserver) is not operational.

[UPDATE #4] 25th March 2015 13:17 CET
Everthing up and running. Still a few things that needs to sorted. Will keep this announcement updated with the progress of things.

[UPDATE #5] 25th March 2015 18:48 CET
After running OK for some hours the filesystem decided it was time to enter read-only mode. 
Recover process has been running for some time now. More updates to follow.

[UPDATE #6] 25th March 2015 19:46 CET
i'm not going to lie, situation is a real mess right now. Will do everything I can to solve this as fast as possible.

[UPDATE #7] 25th March 2015 21:45 CET
Server back up again, let's see how this goes. Will monitor it closely for a couple of hours.

[UPDATE #8] 26th March 201508:41 CET
Server has been online and stable all night, if you experience any problems, send in a ticket and I'll take a look as soon as possible.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

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