This announcement/email is an update to the RFO sent out to all customers regarding the Miami outage.

To clarify the position right now, the interim hardware is configured and available, provisioning of fresh accounts will start later this afternoon/tonight (CET), once the long term replacement hardware is delivered at the weekend there will be a migration window planned when all accounts will be moved over to the long term hardware. The migration window is planned to be no longer then 10-30 minutes while your site will be inaccessible.
If you use our Nameservers for your site, no changes has to be made on your end. Not on the interim hardware or when your account has been moved to the long term solution.

As a direct consequence of this disaster an off site backup server has been set in place and weekly backups of your accounts will be automaticly made. 
These backups are only for this distaster recovery and a restore from this backup is not included in the regular hosting package.
Even if an automated backup system is now in place there is no guarantee that it will be available if needed. You are still in charge of backups on your account.

If it is really urgent to recover from these backups we reserve the right to claim a one time fee (amount yet to be determined) for that service.

Thank you for sticking with us during this difficult time. 

Friday, March 4, 2016

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