The Las Vegas node went down on December 24th at aprox 6am CET. I reached out the supplier and still waiting for a response from them on the reason.

------------------------- Update Below -----------------------

As most of you already noticed, that location is not accessible and hasn't been since Dec 24th.

When contacting the supplier asking for a reason why it had been suspended (yes, it was suspended), there was no answer for a couple of days.

The response that I got a couple of days later was "bandwidth overage". I immediately asked for a solution (paying for extra bandwidth), that question is still unanswered.

I've updated the ticket a couple of times, trying to get a response and a way forward. So far, I've spoken to deaf ears. 

This service is sold with NO SLA, but that doesn't mean that there will be no service at all and I have every intention to offer good service.


I expect the server to be back online no later than January 1st. 

If you would like to move to any other location, your wish will be done. 

The plan for the future:

* No more orders will be accepted for the Las Vegas location.

* As this was originally a Los Angeles location, I will look for a replacement there.

* Feel free to ask for a free move to any other location.

Wednesday, December 25, 2019

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