[UPDATE] - stability issues in FRANCE

Currently experiencing stability issues in France, investigating if it's network-related or hardware.

Updates will follow.


11:05 CET - Nodes look stable, will continue to monitor.

13th May 2020
[RESOLVED] - Captcha problems on client site

Yesterday (2020-04-27) the silent captcha used on https://clients.mrvm.net decided to silently fail all authentication attempts without telling anyone. Troubleshooting led nowhere, this morning a temporary template was put in place while the regular template is being worked on. Sorry for the problems caused during this ... Read More »

28th Apr 2020
[RESOLVED] - Las Vegas Outage

[2020-04-21 19:21 CET]

monitoring notified that the node went down. 

[2020-04-21 21:45 CET] 

Waiting for a response from the provider.


[2020-04-22 04:53 CET]

Node back online, RFO: change of disks on the node.

21st Apr 2020
DE03 - OpenVZ7 node issues

[2020-04-21 21:33 CET]

After a reboot due to updates, the node refuses to boot. 

An investigation is being done. Please stand by.


[2020-04-21 21:45]

The server booted, will monitor to see that everything is ok when things settle.

21st Apr 2020
[RESOLVED] - Singapore emergency maintenance window (UPDATED 2020-04-16 09:33)

[2020-04-15 22:37 CET] Taking down the Singapore node for some Maintenace work. The node will be back as soon as possible. Tickets will be closed during the Maintenance window [2020-04-16 09:33 CET] After the reboot, a couple of containers were suspended by the system. During the night, the load on the node increased heavily, causing problems ... Read More »

15th Apr 2020
DE OVZ7 Node - IP nullrouted/locked

The IPv4 of the DE OVZ7 node has been nullrouted/locked due to someone performing a portscan from their VPS. 

I'm working with Hetzner to resolve this as soon as possible.

27th Feb 2020
DE OpenVZ7 node - Containers fails to start

After a "fix" for an update, problems was applied and the node rebooted, all containers failed to start.

Investigating and fixing the issue.

28th Jan 2020
DE01 Outage [RESOLVED]

Node is currently not accepting network traffic, KVM is requested from the DC.


And the network is back up again.

3rd Jan 2020
IPV6 issues in New York

The problem is known and being worked on.



3rd Jan 2020
US-LAS Outage - UPDATE 2020-01-02 [RESOLVED]

The Las Vegas node went down on December 24th at aprox 6am CET. I reached out the supplier and still waiting for a response from them on the reason. ------------------------- Update Below ----------------------- As most of you already noticed, that location is not accessible and hasn't been since Dec 24th. When contacting the supplier asking ... Read More »

25th Dec 2019