Jun 28th Kansas City, USA - Not responding [RESOLVED]

[2018-06-28 22:51 CET] - Investigating issue in Kansas City.Updates will follow.[UPDATE 23:18 CET]  - DC reports back that the whole rack is having problems, no ETA at this moment. More updates as I get information.[UPDATE 09:03 CET] At 06:15 CET the server began responding to ping again and all conatainers should be booting up again.DC ... Read More »

Jun 14th Reims, France - IPv4 Nullrouted [RESOLVED]

I was notified that there was a heavy UDP attack on the IPv4 and it as null routed while this is ongoing. Updates as I know more about the situation.[UPDATES] * External IPv4 has been changed according to the email sent out. * Control Panel is now working* Updated NAT Rules are appliedTests of the system are ongoing.Everything should be up and ... Read More »

Jun 12th US01 (Kansas City) - Outage [RESOLVED]

This morning we experienced an outage on the Kansas City location
DC reported a major network outage that affected parts of the DC. When the network was restored the server was still offline.

DC tech issued a reboot of the server and everything is now back online.

Jun 11th Unplanned reboot of Virt-de01

at 09:00 CET, a reboot was made on Virt-DE01 as it was stuck, swapping like mad.

As a resolution to this problem, more RAM has been added to the machine. Everything is booting up and your VPS should soon be available again.

Sorry for the inconvenience.