[RESOLVED] - Captcha problems on client site

Yesterday (2020-04-27) the silent captcha used on https://clients.mrvm.net decided to silently fail all authentication attempts without telling anyone. Troubleshooting led nowhere, this morning a temporary template was put in place while the regular template is being worked on. Sorry for the problems caused during this ... Read More »

28th Apr 2020
[RESOLVED] - Las Vegas Outage

[2020-04-21 19:21 CET]

monitoring notified that the node went down. 

[2020-04-21 21:45 CET] 

Waiting for a response from the provider.


[2020-04-22 04:53 CET]

Node back online, RFO: change of disks on the node.

21st Apr 2020
DE03 - OpenVZ7 node issues

[2020-04-21 21:33 CET]

After a reboot due to updates, the node refuses to boot. 

An investigation is being done. Please stand by.


[2020-04-21 21:45]

The server booted, will monitor to see that everything is ok when things settle.

21st Apr 2020
[RESOLVED] - Singapore emergency maintenance window (UPDATED 2020-04-16 09:33)

[2020-04-15 22:37 CET] Taking down the Singapore node for some Maintenace work. The node will be back as soon as possible. Tickets will be closed during the Maintenance window [2020-04-16 09:33 CET] After the reboot, a couple of containers were suspended by the system. During the night, the load on the node increased heavily, causing problems ... Read More »

15th Apr 2020