[RESOLVED] - Urgent - Reinstall errors on all OVZ7 nodes!!

With the latest update from Virtuozzo and the way Virtualizor has implemented the template system, there is a problem reinstalling containers at the moment.  The reinstall fails without much information to the end-user, the underlying issue is in part the update from Python2 to Python3 and some template files are empty or missing.  I’m ... Read More »

23rd Jul 2020
[RESOLVED] - Ipv4 issues in Norway Node 02

The node is rebooting as this announcement is written. Service should be restored shortly. [UPDATE]  reboot is done, outgoing ipv4 is currently not working. Troubleshooting is ongoing. As this is primarily an ipv6 service, use that in the mean time.  [UPDATE] Got noticed at 19:21 CET today (2020-07-27) that outgoing ipv4 connections from ... Read More »

22nd Jul 2020
SG Node rebooting

Due to a memory lock, a reboot of the Singapore Node is needed.

Services will be restored shortly.

22nd Jul 2020
NO connectivity issues.

The DC are having connectivity issues. Should be back online shortly.

17th Jul 2020